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Franchise360 The Powerfull Franchise Management Software is The simple way to manage & grow your institution with the leader in Technology. Franchise360 is powered and developed by Softbyte Technologies having 9+ years experience in IT Industry. More than 5,000 satisfied software users. Franchise360 became one of the most feature pack of Franchise Management Software.


Most of the Franchise are using traditional paper work method to handle enquiries, admissions and fees. Even they don't have exact figure of receivable fees with them daily, profit made during this month over the expenses, they don't know exact day of calling parent or student for fees payment. Most of enquires are taken away by competitors which does not allow your business to grow. To overcome the problem you need to invest small amount in Best Franchise Management Software to manage and grow your coaching class efficiently.

It is very difficult to choose good, secure & reliable Franchise Management Software among hundreds of google search results. With more than 9 years of experience in Franchise's requirements and solutions we have develop this Franchise360 which will manage & grow your business to the next level. We have put our entire experience and customer requirement in this software to make complete solution for Franchise Management requirements. We have not yet stop development on this software, our core development team is currently working on more advance features. These features will not only work for business management but also business growth of Franchise.

Top Features

Admission Management

Admission is one of the important task for institution. Franchise360 simplify admission process. Admission Management fetures allows you to manage the admissions of all the students easily along with student’s fees details, installment setup and batch scheduling.

Fees Management

Fees collection & Management is the essential need of Educational Institution. Franchise360 manages fees collection process very easily with advance fees facility and fees receipt printing facility. It enables automated accounting entries without re-entering financial data into account books.

Complete Accounting Management

You don't need accounting knowledge to use Franchise360. Franchise360 work as accountant for you while you use it. Using Franchise360 can save your lots of money for book keeping and Accounting jobs. Franchise360 perfectily manage your business Cash Book & Ledgers.

Reports Generation

Franchise360 allows to generate Monthly Reports for Master Franchise on basis of Students' Fee Collection

Great Usability

We paid a lot of attention to providing a high level of usability to make sure your goals are met by using Franchise360.

Custom Support

Our priority is customer satisfaction, and we never stop pursuing this goal. We’ve built a team of specialists who know how to help customers.


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We provide full service which means we’ve got you covered on Fees Management and Accounting right through to MF Reporting. You’ll form a lasting relationship with us, collaboration is central to everything we do. We’ll push you out of your comfort zone from time-to-time, but this is where you’ll shine. Bottom line is we want you to succeed.

We try to improve the businesses of our customers with applications that makes it possible to deliver efficient, highly targeted web content, lower operating costs, boost their productivity, and enhance competitiveness. Our guidelines combined with utmost accuracy while working with details have proved to be a perfect union which enables us to provide our clients with technically efficient, reliable and affordable solutions.

Whether you, any of your staff ever need help with Franchise360, our support team is a quick online chat, email, or phone call away.


Slabs (in Rs. per Month)

(# Tax as applicable at the time of billing, will be charged extra.)
  • Upto 100 students Rs. 500.00 per month
  • 101 to 150 students Rs. 625.00 per month
  • 151 to 200 students Rs. 750.00 per month
  • 201 to 250 students Rs. 875.00 per month
  • 251 to 300 students Rs. 1000.00 per month
  • 301 to 350 students Rs. 1125.00 per month
  • 351 to 400 students Rs. 1250.00 per month
  • 401 to 450 students Rs. 1375.00 per month
  • 451 to 500 students Rs. 1500.00 per month
  • Above 500 Students: Rs. 1500 for first 500 students and after that Rs. 2 per student per month.
One Time Implementation Charges of Rs. 2000/- Rs. 0/-(till 31st March 2019)

Get 5% discount on half yearly payment and 15% discount on annual payment.
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